Computer-aided thermography makes it possible to obtain the images (thermograms) of thermal radiation, emitted by the equipment and invisible for a human. Using this method, it is possible to reveal heavy heat losses that are, as a rule, the indicators of faulty or inadequate thermal insulation or poor contacts. The method does not require any contact with the equipment, heated as a result of a defect growth.

Application of computer-aided thermography makes it possible to reveal the equipment faults at their early stages, to prevent emergency shutdowns that result in gross expenses, to schedule the repairs and maintenance procedures, to evaluate maintenance quality on the grounds of real data.

At present, OAO “Belenergoremnaladka” has gained considerable experience in these procedures, and has carried out thermographic inspections of electric equipment in many electric power plants and substations of the Belarusian power system. As a result, many faults were revealed, including those that could result in emergencies.

Using the computer-aided thermography, it is possible to test:

  • contact connections in open and closed distribution devices;

  • supporting bar-type insulation and suspended insulation;

  • internal contact connections of switching units;

  • oil-filled equipment;

  • power transformers;

  • brush assemblies in generators and accumulator batteries;

  • chimneys lining.

The computerized thermograph, “IRTIS-200”, is used for thermographic inspections. The computerized thermograph specifications are as follows:

  • receiver with liquid-nitrogen cooling;

  • temperature measurement range: -20°C…+200°C (expandable up to +1300°C);

  • permissible error margin: ±1% from measured value;

  • temperature sensitivity: 30°C – 0.05°C;

  • spectral range: 3.0 – 5.0 mm.

OAO “Belenergoremnaladka” offers services in thermographic inspections of electric equipment and contact connections in electric power plants and substations (110 – 330 kV).

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