The Laboratory carries out repair and verification of measuring instruments.

Electronic measuring instruments:

  • low-frequency generators;

  • electronic analog voltmeters;

  • digital frequency meters (F246);

  • relay parameter meters;

  • line discontinuity meters (R5-10);

  • short-circuit current meters;

  • DC power supplies.

Electric measuring instruments:

  • electronic megohmmeters / microhmmeters (F4102, F4103, F4104, ISK, M416, ESO);

  • megohmmeters / microhmmeters (M4100, M1101, KMS-77);

  • pointer instruments: ammeters, voltmeters, kiloammeters, kilovoltmeters, frequency meters (both obsolete and up-to-date), multimeters (Ts43101, Ts4317, and up-to-date digital multimeters), multi-range instruments (class 0.2, 0.5 and higher, both AC- and DC-type);

  • recording instruments (frequency meters, kiloammeters, kilovoltmeters);

  • tong-test instruments (practically all models listed in the State Register of the Republic of Belarus);

  • transducers (power, frequency, voltage, current), including summation ones;

  • electric stopwatches;

  • AC bridges (R5026 and similar), DC bridges (R333 and similar);

  • AIM-90 and similar.

Measuring instruments for nondestructive tests:

  • ultrasonic thickness gauges;

  • ultrasonic flaw detectors, including up-to-date instruments (UD2-70, UD2-102, UD-4T).

Thermal measuring instruments:

  • gas analyzers (including up-to-date instruments, such as KGA-8S, TDK-3M, GAMMA-100);

  • pH meters;

  • tachometers;

  • pressure gauges, pressure transducers (METRAN type). The Laboratory has an equipment making it possible to repair and verify the pressure gauges with 0…60 MPa measurement range;

  • secondary devices (amplifiers, regulators, starters etc.).

Also, the Laboratory provides other services: case repair, glass and damping liquid replacement, braces installation, transformer rewinding, sophisticated repair of electronic and electric measuring instruments, measuring instruments industrial-level verification and preparation for national-level verification.

Accreditation certificate: BY/ (November 11, 2002)

Contact telephone numbers: (+375 17) 293 53 42

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