The microprocessor-controlled rectifying unit (UVM) is a thyristor-based charging and recharging device with a thyristor bridge controlled by a microprocessor unit. The rectifying unit can be used as a part of the DC control current power supply systems in power plants, district boiler plants and substations, equipped with stationary accumulator batteries.

Depending on the power system, in which the rectifying unit is used, the unit can operate with the DC control current load buses, in parallel with the accumulator battery, or directly, with the accumulator battery turned off.



380 V+10%, -5%; 50±1 Hz

No. of phases


Rated output current, Irated

100 A (20 – 100 A)

Rated output voltage, Urated

260 V

Battery charging IU characteristic (DIN)


Output voltage stabilization accuracy, % Uoutput

£ 1

Output voltage adjustment range, % Urated

0 – 100

Output voltage ripple during operation with an active load, %

£ 5

Output voltage ripple during operation with an accumulator battery, %

£ 1

Overload protection operating current

125 A

Output voltage correction range depending on temperature, mV/°C

0 – 5


The control current cabinet provides power supply for DC control current circuits in control, protection, automation and alarm systems.


  • Power: 220 V AC, mains frequency.

  • Rated output voltage: from 200 (110) V DC.

  • Charger rated output current: 10 A (each charger).

  • No. of accumulators: 17 units (34).


  • Control current cabinet: 2100 x 800 x 800 mm.

  • Accumulator battery cabinet: 2100 x 600 x 800 (2100 x 800 x 800) mm.

  • Control current cabinet weight: 100 kg max.

Control current cabinet components:

  • voltage level monitoring relay (KSV);

  • voltage availability monitoring relay (KLV);

  • chargers (2), 220 V / 10 A (UZ1, UZ2);

  • voltage monitoring relays (2, on UZ1 and UZ2);

  • accumulator battery charge/discharge current monitoring ammeter (RA1);

  • ·nsulation monitoring circuit;

  • microprocessor-controlled DC protection devices (2) (ZPT-001);

  • monitoring unit for DC protection devices;

  • heating circuit (including a temperature sensor, a contactor and resistors);

  • “Sapfir-4” unit (upon the customer’s request);

  • flashing light relay (upon the customer’s request).

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