The switchboard is used for distribution of DC control current from an accumulator battery.

Switchboard components:

  • lead-in cabinet;

  • lead-out connection cabinets (two or more);

  • control cabinet.

The switchboard is equipped with:

  • automatic switches (A3715, VA2129, VA5735 etc.);

  • measuring circuit devices;

  • switches and circuit breakers (according to the wiring diagram).

The control cabinet includes:

  • voltage level control unit (BKN) for voltage monitoring on the DC control current buses;

  • data acquisition unit (USD) with local alarm unit (BMS);

  • “Sapfir-4”, a system for automated searching for ground faults in the DC control current circuit;

  • selective unit for insulation monitoring (UKI-SM);

  • circuit for indication of position and condition of the switchboard components;

  • measuring circuit.

Control cabinet dimensions: 600 x 600 x 2000 mm.

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