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JSC «Belenergoremnaladka» specialists perform:

  • diagnostics, overhaul along with rewinding of windings and tests of transformers of overall dimensions I-III;
  • installation, overhaul and tests of transformers of overall dimensions IV-VI at the place of installation;
  • installation, repair, adjustment and tests of switches of RC, RNT, RNOA type;
  • drying, degassing, regeneration and removal of mechanical admixtures from transformer oils;
  • overhaul along with rewinding of windings, tests and calibration of measuring voltage transformers by 35 kV;
  • manufacture and overhaul of reactors of RZDPOM type of various models: 190/10, 480/10, 400/6, 400/10, 630/10 for compensation of capacitance currents in circuits 6-10 kV having the insulated neutral as a complete set with automatic control blocks KADU-DGR;
  • installation, repair and adjustment of air switches of series W, WB, WD 110-330 kV;
  • repair of turbo generators having capacity from 1.5 to 500 MW;
  • repair of hydro generators having capacity by 5 MW;
  • repair of AC and DC motors;
  • reinsulation of pins of stator winding of generators having capacity by 30 MW along with thermal active insulation;
  • manufacture of segments of under bandage insulation of rotor winding of turbo generators T2-6-2, T2-25-2, TVS-30, TV-60-2, TVF-60-2, TVF-63-2, TVF-100-2, TVF-120-2, TW-165-2, TW-320-2;
  • reinsulation of bushes of generator contact rings having capacity 3-60 MW;
  • deepening of spiral grooves of turbo generator contact rings for improvement of current distribution and increase of current density under brushes (the service life of contact rings is prolonged by 10 years);
  • repair and certification of the welding equipment.

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