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Intersystem laboratory of control for metal and welding provides:

  • technical diagnostics of:
    - steam, hot-water and shell boilers of any type;
    - pressure vessels of any group;
    - pipelines of all categories;
  • assessment of individual and remaining life of pieces of equipment of power stations;
  • preparation of expert opinions on extension of service life for steam pipelines and other equipment of power stations;
  • определение индивидуального и остаточного русурсов паровых турбин, элементов паропроводов, котлов;
  • ultrasonic, magnetic-powder, capillary and eddy-current testing of parent metal and welded connections;
  • spectral and chemical analysis of metal;
  • mechanical testing of parent metal and welded connections;
  • examination of macro- and micro-structure of parent metal and welded connections;
  • definition of heat-resistant steel and oversee its change;
  • definition of steel microdamages;
  • definition the causes of damages to components of pipelines, boilers, etc.;
  • restoration of certification data.

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